On the Street where you Live*

*Song from the Broadway Musical My Fair Lady.
JUNE, 2017




When we came to live on the Kapellenhofstraße in 2004 it was a very special place. Airfield Laarbruch was shut down and Weeze airport still had to be born.

See the milky way

At night there was complete silence and so dark that you could easily see the milky way. During the day you could see the Kingfisher skimming at high speed over the river Niers and hear the green woodpecker laughing from the shrubberies.

Although the Kapellenhofstraße is still a lovely street to live a lot of things are rapidly changing. Lights are now all around and aeroplanes are taking off constantly to transport holiday-makers to sunny destinations. The Kingfisher is gone and it is very hard to discover the milky way. To make things worse the municipal of Goch decided recently to change the maximum speed from 50 km/h (30 miles)to 100km/h (60miles).

The Kapellenhofstraße in better days with a maximum speed of 50km/h (30 miles)
Photograph by Frank Fritschy

The municipal of Goch are famous for their splendid ideas. After selling Cloister Graefenthal, their one and only treasure, to some Dutch investors, the municipal wants to transform the former army depot at the end of the Kapellenhofstrasse in an industrial area.

” Ten years ago it was so dark that you could easily see the Milky Way”

Double the maximum speed

As mentioned before, their last innovative decision is to double the maximum speed. A very smart idea in a time when people become aware of CO2 emissions and on a street which is surrounded by conservation areas with spectacular wildlife.

The municipal of Goch, ‘famous’for their splendid ideas sold Cloister Graefenthal, their one and only treasure, to some Dutch investors.

Is there any positive news to report?  Yes, more and more agricultural land around the Kapellenhofstraße is transformed into organic farming. Thank you, Jens and Andrea, for what you have already achieved. They even placed a stand where people can buy fresh eggs and delicious spaghetti. Bravo!

We only have to walk a few meters to buy some fresh eggs.